Asset Development Initiative

Asset Development Initiative

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Our Programs

Asset Development Initiative Programs

Financial Fitness

The goal of KISRA's Financial Fitness program is to help members of our community improve their finances and, in turn, their lives. When we help remove individual barriers to the accumulation of wealth, everyone benefits with a community that's stronger and more prosperous.

KISRA Homeownership

The goal of the KISRA Homeownership program is to turn area residents from renters to proud homeowners. To that end, the KISRA staff provides practical knowledge, guidance and support that equip the people in our community to do just that.

WVIDA Initiative

Members of our community with modest means struggle with establishing and staying committed to a savings program. The WVIDA Initiative helps them do just that with special savings accounts known as IDAs (Individual Development Accounts). IDAs empower them to work toward their goals of owning a home, starting a new business, or getting an education.

Microloan Program

Owning a small business is a goal for many members of our community. For some, though, getting the financing they need through conventional lenders is a struggle – small startup businesses, for example, or those with credit issues. The Microloan Program helps entrepreneurs in need to realize their dream of business ownership.