Paradise Farms

Paradise Farms

Urban Farm is Growing Local Food, Local Jobs and Local Change!

Paradise Farms is one component of KISRA’s Growing Jobs Project. The Growing Jobs Project is a fresh, new way in which KISRA is making a positive difference in our community. It’s a farm-to-table program that, in addition to job creation, is encouraging entrepreneurship, and giving people access to fresh, locally grown produce for a healthier lifestyle. 

Paradise Farms is also part of the Appalachian Food Enterprise, which consists of a network of related food enterprises that specialize in bringing food from farm-to-table from local sources. Café Appalachia, which is part of Pollen8, LLC., will use the organic produce – the bulk of which will be grown at Paradise Farms at KISRA – and other food items for the café, a catering service, and a food truck, The Daily Harvest. Other items will be locally sourced from small farmers in the region.


By purchasing produce from Paradise Farms, community residents, caterers, and companies are supporting KISRA’s efforts to strengthen vulnerable families, local communities, and West Virginia.


To support this work, visit Paradise Farms located at 131 Perkins Avenue in Dunbar or call 304.395.6675 to discuss commercial ordering options.


Through KISRA’s Paradise Farms, vulnerable fathers and parents receive training and employment opportunities while communities gain access to local, fresh and healthy food. 


The produce and plants that are grown with the assistance of program participants are being sold directly to community residents, at farmers’ markets, to area restaurants, caterers, and other commercial customers.   

Interested in Gaining Employment Training at Paradise Farms?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you are eligible to participate:

  • A current or former TANF recipient

  • The parent of a TANF recipient

  • Living below the federal poverty line

  • Presently or previously incarcerated in a WV jail or prison


What Skills, Training, and Wages Will I Receive Through the Program?
You’ll learn real-life skills to support yourself and your family today. You’ll also be encouraged to be your own employer someday by learning about organic food, a growing trend that will provide opportunities long into the future.

Wages from $8 to $15 per hour. To learn more contact Mike Easter at 304.768.8924.