Harambee Child Development Center to Close Operations

Dunbar, WV The Kanawha Institute for Social Research & Action, Inc. (KISRA) Board of Directors have made the decision to close the Harambee Child Development Center, which is a child care center located in Dunbar, WV. The closure will be effective as of December 29, 2017. Many factors led to the decision to close including a drop in enrollment numbers due to public school pre-schools, rising costs to operate and decreased support from governmental subsidies and foundations. All of these factors have made it no longer financially feasible to remain in operations.

The staff of KISRA’s Harambee Child Development Center have loved and cared for children in Dunbar since the center opened in 2004. KISRA is honored to have been entrusted with so many children and is thankful for the support the program has received over the years. KISRA is committed to helping every family find the resources they need for their future child care needs. Betty Spencer 304.768.4232 and Maria Terrell 304.395.6130 have been assigned to answer any questions that parents may have and provide assistance to them during this time of transition.


KISRA (the Kanawha Institute for Social Research & Action, Inc.) is a faith-motivated initiative that was started by Ferguson Memorial Baptist Church in 1993. Through the program areas of Heath, Employment, Asset Development and Learning, KISRA works to HEAL and strengthen families.

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