Dear Friend,

This is the time of year that we are reminded to give thanks for the people and things that fulfill and enrich our lives. But what if you were a young child facing the holidays knowing that you would not be seeing your dad again this holiday season? Your dad maybe absent because he is incarcerated or perhaps he does not know how to mend a lifetime of mistakes. Regardless of the reason, as a young child all you feel is his absence. If you were that child, would it be easy for you to give thanks? Would it be easy to be joyous while watching your mother struggle to provide for you and your siblings, not just during the holidays, but throughout the year? If you were that small child, what would you wish for? Maybe your wish would be to have a KISRA Dad…

What is a KISRA Dad?

The Kanawha Institute for Social Research & Action (KISRA) is working to transform low income, incarcerated or previously incarcerated fathers to become someone who is a Kind, Inspirational, Supportive, Responsible and Active dad. By providing these fathers occupational and life skills, KISRA helps them achieve economic self-sufficiency, reconnect with their children and support them financially.


A gift from you helps to make sure more children are reconnected with a caring and loving father, like “Steve”.


Steve struggled for years with substance abuse which led to a lifetime of bad decisions and crime. While being incarcerated, again, Steve wanted a different path. He had tried, and failed, numerous times to change his life. His hope for a better life for him and his children was fading. He reluctantly became a part of KISRA’s Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood Initiative and through this in-depth and meaningful program he found his path. After successfully completing the program, Steve is now working in a job that he loves, has reconnected with his children in a meaningful way and is financially supporting them. Because of KISRA, and support from donors like you, Steve’s children no longer have to wish for a KISRA Dad, they have one!


Will you consider a gift to KISRA so we can continue to work toward giving every child a KISRA Dad? On behalf of Steve, his children and the hundreds of other fathers we work with throughout the year, thank you for your support.