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The Kanawha Institute for Social Change & Action (KISRA) offers programs benefitting people from every walk of life in several West Virginia counties. Through our various programs in health, employement, asset development and learning, we not only help people get the assistance they need, but also create jobs in economically deprived communities. With the help of our staff, dedicated volunteers and donors like you, we make a difference every day. It’s a difference that can be seen in faces of the people we serve and felt across the state in terms of a stronger economy.


Please consider making a donation today. Just click the Donate button above to donate by credit card or PayPal. To make a donation by check, send your donation to: KISRA, 131 Perkins Avenue, Dunbar, WV 25064.


When you make a donation to KISRA, you are making a donation to your community.

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