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Ture' Johnson

"I could not find a job with my background, but I am a dedicated worker. This job at KISRA is helping me feed my family"

Roark Sullivan 
Men’s Shelter


Growing Jobs

A Fresh Idea That’s Making Good Things Happen in Our Community

The Growing Jobs Project is a fresh, new way in which KISRA is making a positive difference in our community. It’s a farm-to-table program that’s creating jobs, encouraging entrepreneurship, and giving people access to fresh, locally grown produce for a healthier lifestyle. The project has gained great community support and commercial customer interest.

  • Greenhouse and farm site where KISRA sells produce grown both in the greenhouses and in outside beds.

  • Commercial kitchen where KISRA prepares meals for schools, restaurants, healthcare centers, and other organizations that need fresh, healthy foods. Entrepreneurs and caterers can also use their kitchen to expand their operations.



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