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Sherry Hairston
Comm. Engagement Spec.




Providing the Caring Support Needed to Thrive

The KISRA Cares Program supports individuals in our community dealing with  mental illness.


The KISRA Cares Program provides those individuals in our community dealing with mental illness with intensive case management. That support helps them to survive and thrive in the “real world” beyond the confines of our overcrowded mental health facilities.

How Does Kisra Cares Support Those With Mental Illness?
  • Prevention and early intervention  

  • Crisis intervention (controlling and resolving critical or dangerous issues)  

  • Rehabilitation/habilitation (development of skills and supports)  

  • Basic support (shelter, meals, health care)  

  • Enrichment activities (engagement in fulfilling and satisfying activities)  

  • Wellness/prevention activities

Could you or someone you know benefit from the KISRA Cares Program*?  

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, please contact one of KISRA’s Community Engagement Specialists for further information and assistance. 


  1. Are you 18 or older and have been diagnosed with a mental illness such as depression, bipolar disorder, etc.?

  2. Are you a resident of Kanawha County?

  3. Have you been hospitalized within the past five years? Or are you at risk for being hospitalized?

  4. Could you benefit from emotional and social support by participating in community activities? As well as financial support for your medications, transportation to your doctor’s appointments, food, and assistance in housing?

  5. Are you currently seeing a psychiatrist or therapist who will provide written documentation of your mental diagnosis?


*The initiative serves people with mental illnesses residing in or returning to Kanawha County.


Care Coordination makes a difference in our community.