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KISRA Named Clinton Arnold CEO in March

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Clinton spent 25 years with Verizon Communications Inc. before retiring in 2013 as a director. He led teams in sales, product marketing, product development, training, channel sales, customer marketing and operations and communications, He earned multiple President’s Leadership awards, as well as platinum, presidents and diamond club awards for sales and operations excellence.

In addition to serving as CEO at KISRA, Clinton is a business and marketing professor at West Virginia State University where he teaches multiple courses in entrepreneurship, marketing and business operations.

Clinton began his service to ministry as a young boy and has continued that service throughout his life. In 2014, he answered a call to serve the ministry in a greater capacity as an executive pastor. Additionally, he is a certified faith-based counselor specializing in marriage and relationships; and is also a life coach.

From 1997-2012 Clinton coached youth and high school baseball teams in Texas, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. His teams won city championships, two state championships and one national title. He had multiple players earn college scholarships to Division I, II, III and NAIA schools throughout the country and was proud to contribute towards their development into productive, responsible, disciplined young men.

Clinton brings a unique mix of experience and success in leading, teaching, developing, and coaching people and teams. His leadership in a Fortune 500 company, with small business, and and in athletics has enabled him to fulfill his calling: to help people achieve their short and long-term goals, and be the best person they can be for themselves, their career and their families.

He has a BA in Communications from the University of Kentucky, where he was the baseball team co-captain his senior year. He was also a four-year letterman and All-SEC performer for the baseball team from 1982-1986. He earned an MBA from the University of Charleston and is a graduate of the University of Maryland Executive Leadership Program as well as the Center for Creative Leadership in San Diego, CA. He has been accepted into the Doctoral Program at Marshall University and began working on his Doctor of Business Administration studies with the fall 2022 cohort.

He has been married to Trina, a retired teacher and UK graduate, for 35 years and they have two grown children. Their daughter Christen Woodard is married to Pastor Brandon Woodard. Christen is a certified mid-wife and they have four children. Their son (Clinton) Barrett Arnold III is married to Tyra Meadows Arnold. Barret earned his undergraduate degree from Coppin State University and an MBA from Marshall University; he is also a certified personal trainer.

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